Site Resources

This page provides useful materials for running and promoting a Southern Tier CA$H site. Check back throughout the season for new information.

Please do not make changes to any of these documents without prior approval. Please  with any questions

 * denotes last year    Volunteer Materials

Site Coordinator Pub 1084 A handbook to provide guidance on effective site operations for the VITA/TCE Programs.
Privacy, Confidentiality, and the Standards of Conduct  Ensuring IRS volunteers and their partnering organizations safeguard taxpayer information and understand their responsibilities.
New York Guide for Volunteers This is the NY volunteer guide TP 300 done for all VITA volunteers.
Pennsylvania Guide for Volunteers  This is the PA volunteer Guide DFO-02 for all VITA volunteers. This manual is designed to provide guidance for you to assist the claimant in filing the PA-40, providing qualifications, requirements and general guidelines.

Partner Resource Guide Pub 4396A

This guide is an optional tool partners can use as a resource product. It can also be used to promote and inform new and existing partners on effective site management and quality requirements. The publication will serve as a comprehensive partner resource tool that provides necessary and helpful information to guide partners through a successful and productive filing season. The goal is to continue the emphasis on following the Quality Site Requirements and ethical standards to ensure accurate return preparation and a positive taxpayer experience.


Partners are strongly encouraged to review the information contained in this publication prior to site coordinator and volunteer training.


Volunteer Recruitment Materials


CA$H drop in Recruitment Ad

This document or one similar is available as a publisher document for you to add to your newsletter. To make arrangements to receive such,  please email  

Volunteer Recuitment Rack Card Use this document to create volunteer recruitment cards that fit in brochure racks
Volunteer Tax Preparer Job Description This document outlines the role of volunteer tax preparers and should be given to all preparers
Job descriptions for Receptionist and for Screeners  This document outlines the role of volunteer receptionist/screeners and should be given to all new receptionists/screeners

volunteer Recuitment Flyer

A letter-size document for recruiting volunteers

IRS-CA$H Recruitment Flyer  A letter-size document for recruiting volunteers - based on IRS format
Recruitment Flyer - tear off tab bottom  This poster has tear off at bottom for posting
Student Recruitment flyer A special poster, that has information for college recruitment

Volunteer Paperwork

CASH New Volunteer Intake Form 2016ty Have new volunteers fill out this 2 sided form to gauge their interests, schedules and skill sets.
CASH Returning Volunteer Intake Form 2016ty This page is required for all returning volunteers.

Program Marketing

Do not change any of these documents without prior approval.

End of Year Report Use this summary document to answer questions from clients or volunteers about last year's season and plans for this year
2016 CASH Client Program Mailer Mail or hand out this document to potential clients for the 2016 tax filing year.
2016 CASH Palm & Rack Card Use this document to create brochure cards or mailing inserts for potential clients. One side has information to make an appointment & the other to link to MyFreeTaxes.
CA$H Poster * Use this document around your community to promote the program
MyFreeTaxes Rack Cards * This document can be used to create rack cards to promote
Small Ad * Use this ad to promote the program in newsletters and other publications
Medium Ad * Use this ad to promote the program in newsletters and other publications
Large Ad * Use this ad to promote the program in newsletters and other publications
MyFreeTaxes Flyer * This flyer can be used to promote the MyFreeTaxes program

CA$H Site Paperwork

IRS Intake Form

This four-page document is given to clients to fill out when they arrive for their appointment. Please use the form for the tax year being prepared. 

State Intake insert -2015

This one-page document captures information that will help with preparing state returns
 Client Survey 2015  This document captures client information for end of season reporting
 CA$H Window Poster  Use this document as signage at your CA$H site
 Savings Bond Poster  Display this in your site reception area

 * denotes last year form not yet updated to current tax year.